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Q: How long is the class?

A: The class is 4 hours long.

Q: Do i need license for threading?

A: You don't need license but still check with your state cosmetology board to be sure. You can call us and we can confirm the information for you also.

Q: What is the requirement for taking the course?

A: There is no requirement. Register and make the payment for the class.

Q: Can you arrange threading class in our city?

A: Yes we can arrange a threading class in your city. We require atleast a group of 4 to 5 students depending upon the city. Call to inquire.

Q: Will we get certificate of completion?

A: Each student will get the certificate of completion, one week after the completion of the threading class.

Q: If the student is not able to show up for the class, will i get the refund for the class?

A: There is no refund for the class. We can try to let you attend our next class of it will be available in the city. If you reside in san diego, then we can accomodate a class specially for you.

Q: Will i get a starter kit with the class?

A: Yes each student will get a Starter Kit to start learning threading.

Q: Will i be able to do threading right away?

A: We will give you the lecture and hands on training so you can understand the skills needed to do threading but you still not to practise so your become much better.

Q: What is threading?

A: Please visit for information on threading.

Q: Once i complete the course where will i get listed as a threading professional.

A: Once you complete the course, we will refer your information to and they will add you depending upon your city. We will send them copy of your certificate we have partnered with them to provide better position listing for our studnets.

Q: Can i start a business?

A: Yes you can start doing threading from your home or you can get employment in many salons.

Q: Can help us setting our homebased business?

A: We can refer you to our website designer who can set your website for only $300. They can also help in setting your account on google, yahoo, msn. Upon completion we will give you information about the class. We have the right to deny this service to anyone. This service is not a part of the threading package. This informatin is only provided as courtesy.

Q: How much can i charge my customer's?

A: You can charge as much you want. Charges depend on you.

Q: Is there skope for threading?

A: There is a big skope of threading because many people are knowing about threading and are very interested in using threading for their hair removal.

Q: What will include in the Threading Kit?

A: Threading Kit only include Thread, Eyebrow Comb, Eyebrow Maker, Hair Band, Scissor, Witch Hazel Liquid. We don't provide any other tools for threading.

Q: Is the Certificate of Completion recognized?

A: The Certificate of Completion is issued by multan school of cosmetology, which is an international beauty school.

Q: What is experience of Threading Instructor's?

A: The threading instructor are license esthetician and have many years of experince in threading.

Q: Is there a refund for the class?

A: The refund is only provided, if the class is cancelled. We don't provide refund if the customer is not interested in showing up for the class. We confirm meeting room and airline tickets for the class and cannot refund the amount once its paid. We can try to accomodate you in the other class, but not guaranteed.

Q: What is Threading class include?

A: We provide lecture and hands on training. We will teach how to make threading, how to thread on acne and sensitive skin, what threading method is the best. How to thread on eyebrow, How to thread on Face, Precautions before threading, How to practise for threading, How to create eyebrow shape etc. Each student will get a threading starter kit, which include thread, scissor, eyebrow brush, eyebrow marker, eyebrow shape sample. witch hazel liquid. We don't use blotting paper in out threading method. We teach different method to clean the oil from the skin. Each student will get a certificate of completion. We will list the students on website after completion of the class. We also help our students will threading website design and also tell them how to market on google, yahoo and msn. Call for further question.

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